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Frecuently Asked Questions

What you should know...

• What are the booking conditions?
These vary according to seasons and special dates such as New Year's Eve and Easter and require a minimum stay to reserve unless availability allows it.

• What rates can I book through the hotel's booking engine?
You have access to more attractive rates than in other booking engines.

• Do the rates apply per person or per room?
All our rates are for single or double occupancy per night, per room.

• Are children welcome?
Yes, children are welcome. Additional charge applies.

• How many people  can stay in a room?
The maximum capacity varies according to the room type, for example, the Life room that features 2 double beds can accommodate up to 4 people, including children.

• What is the percentage of taxes that the hotel charges?
21% tax (16% VAT and 5% ISH) and the environmental tax of 2 USD per night.

• Does the hotel have a parking?
No, unfortunately our facilities are located in the pedestrian zone of Playa del Carmen and vehicular access is limited to suppliers and personnel who work in the area.

• Where can I park my car?
From 10th Avenue the parking meter zone begins, it works from 10 AM until 10 PM, the cost  is 10 pesos per hour. Outside these hours it is free of charge as well as during holidays (December 25th, January 1st, etc.). Payment is made with coins or through the Mueve Ciudad app.

If you prefer a parking lot, you can search them via Google Maps, there are several on Avenida 10 and you can choose the hour payment or all-day service called pensionado.

• Are pets allowed?
No, our facilities are visited daily by local fauna such as raccoons, agoutis and a variety of birds that come in search of the fruits of the garden trees and we take care of the interaction that we can have with them.

• Does the hotel have access to the beach?
No. Our facilities are located 50 meters from the public beach.

• Is the hotel affiliated with a beach club?
No. This service would increase our rates. The clubs offer for rent lounge chairs, umbrellas and palapas. Some beach restaurants offer these services free of charge with a minimum consumption.

Minimum stays. 

On special dates such as New Year's Eve and Easter, a minimum stay is required to reserve unless availability allows it.

• Can I combine online rates with other promotions?
No, online rates cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts.

• How can I send the special requests related to my reservation?
You can write them in the reservation form or send us a message to infohotelposadasiankaan.com to the  follow up.


• No show and early departures are non-refundable.

• What is a No Show?
It is the charge processed by the Hotel when a guest does not arrive on the reservations date.

• Guaranteed reservations will be expected at the latest at 7 a.m. the following morning, at that time the reservation will be canceled and the corresponding penalty will be applied.

•If I modify my reservation, will the confirmed rate change?
Probably yes, the rates are subject to changes by season and updates on availability and number of people reserved.

• My reservation was made for one person. Do I have to pay an extra if and additional person decide to join me?
No, the rate is for 1 or 2 people, just provide at the front desk  the name and number of nights that your companion will be stay with you.

• If I cancel my reservation, is there a penalty fee?

Once your reservation is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email with the cancellation policies, there you will find all the information related to this topic.


• Check in time is 3 pm and check out time is 12 pm (noon).

If you have a late arrival (after 10 pm). we appreciate if you let us know to be attentive to your arrival.

• What happens if my arrival to the hotel will be before 3 pm?
Check in time begins at 3 pm, if at moment of arrival the room assigned to your reservation is ready, we can do the check in right away or otherwise wait until it is available. In the latter case we can keep your luggage at front desk.

• What happens if I arrive at the hotel at dawn?
We ask you let us know to leave instructions to our security staff who will be waiting for you.

• If my reservation was paid through an intermediary, can I receive my invoice at the hotel?
No, Mexican tax legislation is very strict and the hotel must invoice the intermediary for the amount paid to the hotel. For example, if your reservation was paid to Booking.com or Expedia, the proof of payment is the one issued by Booking or Expedia. If your payment is made directly to the hotel, you will be able to receive an invoice issued by the hotel.

If you require an invoice of the CFDI type, we ask you to send us an email before making a reservation  including the hotel's booking engine, in order to provide you with an alternative according to current Mexican tax  laws.

• How to get to the Hotel from Cancun International Airport?
Distance-68 kms.
Estimated time: 60 min.

The cheapest way from Cancun's Airport to Playa del Carmen is by ADO bus, departures are every 40 minutes from 8 am to midnight. Tickets are purchased at the counter located in every airport terminal,  reservations are not required. The last stop will be at the tourist terminal located on 5th Avenue and Juárez Avenue, this is one block from the hotel. For more information you can check the site www.ado.com.mx

• Transfer services
From the airport you will find  several companies that offer the private service or shared. They are located in front of the baggage claim carrousel, It is not necessary to reserve, if you prefer this option, keep in mind that the maximum waiting time is one hour. Cancun's airport has two exits, one for family and friends and another exclusively for shuttle companies. You must leave  the airport by the exit for shuttles.

The closest drop-off point to the hotel is the corner of 10th Avenue and 2nd street North, one block from the hotel.

• Driving instructions:
You can get the updates directly from the Google Maps or Waze applications.
Streets are perpendicular to the sea and increase by 2 to the north and avenues that are parallel to the sea and increase by 5.

• In case of  of natural disasters such as hurricanes and majeure force situations, what happens?

We ask you to send us an email  if our staff does not contact you with an alternative.